foto_assoc_01“Frontini Terrana architects” is a young team of architects and urban designers based in Florence. The studio works on different scales of projects and focuses on Architectural and Urban Design.

Italian style and traditional knowledge are constantly improved by contemporary European influences. Convinced of the importance of ecological and bioclimatic development, the office carries out a research to facilitate the integration of design and sustainable technologies.



Vittorio Frontini Graduating in 2011 with the highest marks in Florence with a design proposal for the restoration of the Roman Amphiteatre of Ancona, he started some collaborations with offices in Italy and Portugal (Lisbon). In September 2012 he founded his own office with Antonino Terrana, focusing his work on the research of ecological building materials and on the relationship between nature, design, and tradition, while looking at the teachings of the Nordic European and Italian Master Architects of the 20th century.


ANTONINO TERRANA Studied Architecture at the University of Florence and Universidades Lusiada in Lisbon. He graduated in Urban and Architectural design with honours. Currently he is doing a Phd at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence, where he carries out research in the field of contemporary public space. He is assistant professor of Urban and Architectural Design at the University of Florence. In September 2012 he founded his own office with Vittorio Frontini.






We work in a team, with others Freelancers and Offices in different areas, to create a LAB always ready to increase the design possibility.

FT_Lab Team: Arch. Giovanni Ferrara, Geom. Francesco Terrana, Arch. Giacomo Giannoni, Arch. Giulia Trupo, Designer Elisa Pierini, Ing. Martina Fiorentini, Arch. Lorenzo Nofroni, Arch. Benedetta Meucci, Arch. Silvia Pucci, , Ing. Gessica Carloni.