Piazza dell’Isolotto – Firenze
First prize on competition – Final design and detail drawings The livability of a city today is measured primarily on the capacity it has to invite the people to follow it, to cross it by bicycle, to stand in the space. What we interested in investigating with this project then, is an idea of the city as a meeting place, in which the empty space is seen as an opportunity to draw relationships between different things (buildings, people, activities, flows etc.), to tell the quality of life that takes placeinside, through an idea that holds together a sequence of spaces of the outside, those of all, where all individuality it is recognized as part of a community, as part of a “we.” design with ROSSIPRODI ASSOCIATI
07 Feb 2017 in
Rethinking skin – Changsha
The real estate company asked a facade refurbishment for an area of 70000 sqm. Therefore, the de- sign process which focused on giving a contemporary appeal and a new social value to the complex brought to an use of economic, metal panels. In particular, they, that are perforated and have standard dimensions, gave a rhythm to the facade and an interplay with the natural light to interior spaces. Design with G. Ferrara, F. Cheloni, A. Salvi.
28 Set 2014 in
Oliki Verde – Saint Petersburg
New Urban Plan in Saint Petersburg - Russia
27 Mag 2014 in
Housing estate – Sicily
New residential area in Sicily
02 Mar 2014 in
New Bridge – Tuscany
Concept and visual design for a new bridge in Tuscany. Design with G.P.A. Ingegneria Srl and Arch. G. Ferrara.
27 Feb 2014 in
New Trade Center – Firenze
New Trade Center - Florence
27 Dic 2013 in
School Complex – Sicily
Design of a School Complex - Sicily.
27 Dic 2013 in